Greasewood Homestead is no more.

Well, Greasewood Homestead is no more.

I had too many close calls driving to work this spring.  Coupled with the stress from the job which caused considerable sleep deprivation and aggravation in general, I chose to resign my position in hopes of surviving until I can retire in January of 2018.

In late February, I resigned effective April 30, but was talked into staying until the end of May.  I am now getting a small pension from the state, but . . . Oh, Boy!

Now I am trying to survive in a small, hostile town on 1/3 the income I need for another five months.  I’m making soaps and working an online garage sale, and so far have sold a total of $43.00 worth of goods.  And I have all my land up for sale.  Boo hoo.  If I could sell just one of my five lots, I could easily make it to January and beyond.  And then keep what’s left for further development.

Don’t feel sorry for me though!  I feel so much better now that I’m sleeping through the night.  Just need to get out of the ‘oh, crap’ mode and further into the ‘I can do anything now’ mode.  I’m working on it.

SO, I’ll see about changing this blog site to Rock Creek Homestead.  Or something similar.  There is no greasewood in this little town, but there is rabbit brush – HMMM.  And Canada thistle, and hollyhocks, and bindweed.  And loads of beautiful grass in my garden area (stuff won’t grow in the lawn – oh, no).

Off to do some research.


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