No, I’m not dead.

So much for posting daily.

My last job was extended further than expected.  I still have one more day to work, but will then be able to concentrate on a less stressful future.

Judging by the rain we’ve had lately, I’m guessing Greasewood is still pretty much inaccessable. I’ll make my next trip up there in early June. My last trip was in mid April and I got stuck in the mud. That. Will. Not. Happen. Again.

Until then, I am working on the in town homestead. Here’s what I’ve done so far this year:

  1. Dug up and seperated one of three humongious rhubarb plants.
  2. Replanted three rhubarb pieces; one near the surviving nanking cherry and two near the apple tree.  Did you know that rhubarb is supposed to deter deer? Gonna find out. They have decimated the apple, cherry and even lilac bushes for too long.
  3. Planted three (so far) raspberry starts generously given to me by a very kind neighbor.  Hoping to plant the rest at Greasewood. Same with the renaining rhubarb starts – which are doing far better in buckets in the back seat of my truck than they are in there new homes (though even they are doing pretty well now).
  4. Moved a cattle panel lined with chicken wire to protect the raspberries.  The chickens tore up the first one while I was digging the hole for the second one.
  5. Moved an old, heavy fence section to protect the fresh dirt around the third rhubarb plant near the cherry bush.
  6. Mulched the two rhubarb plants with trimmings from the wild rose bush.
  7. Oh, yeah. Trimmed the new runners from the wild rose.
  8. Re-mulched the first two rhubarb plants with hand trimmed grass clippings from under the currants and the apple tree. Chicken feet don’t seem to mind rose thorns.
  9. Fertilized the raspberries with rabbit poo.
  10. Harvested and dehydrated 4 trays of dandelion flowers and 4 trays of dandelion leaves.
  11. Harvested and dehydrated about 5 pounds of rhubarb.
  12. Started a list of items I hope to sell at Marla’s garage sale (a work in progress).
  13. Started some fermentation starter (recipe is from Rain Country Homestead @ youtube – thank you Heidi!) using store bought blueberries from 2014 from the freezer. It’s been almost two days and it is already starting to bubble!
  14. Started some vanilla extract using a single vanilla bean and half a pint of vodka. It smells like vanilla after only a few days on the window sill!
  15. Finished several small crochet projects to hopefully sell at Marla’s garage sale.
  16. Worked on some larger knitting projects.
  17. Learned a new crochet technique – the flower of life – but it (as in I) need more practice time.
  18. Relearned how important hydration is on the one sunny warm day we’ve had when I wasn’t working.  Still managed to get the back yard mowed and mostly trimmed.
  19. Between all the above, I have been sorting through all the boxes of ‘stuff’ I recently emptied out of a 12 x 24 storage locker. So far, I’ve taken four large bags to the dump and eight boxes to goodwill. And can finally move around my living room.  Only two more rooms to go.

Still trying to overcome years of sitting on my ah backside. Remembering to eat breakfast helps with the energy level – imagine that!

OK. Enough for now. I won’t promise daily updates, but will try for more frequency than so far.

Thanks for checking in!


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